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Is your engagement survey falling short?

Engagement surveys often show, but don’t tell – until now. The PI Employee Experience Survey™ is a scientifically validated tool that measures engagement, analyzes and prioritizes results, and prescribes detailed action plans to address problem areas so you can take action immediately.

How does the PI Employee Experience Survey work?

This anonymous 50 question survey provides insight into overall employee engagement, as well as how individuals feel about their job, their manager, the organization’s culture, and the people they work with. The PI Employee Experience Impact Algorithm identifies blind spots that have the biggest impact on engagement, as well as strengths to show what’s already working.

What does it measure?

The PI Employee Experience Survey is your roadmap for driving positive change in your organization. It measures employees’ satisfaction, pride, retention, and advocacy for the company. The survey not only provides custom data for your organization as a whole, but it also dives deep into insights at all team levels.

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How can it drive productivity and success?

According to Forbes, highly engaged teams are 21% more productive than teams with low engagement. The PI Employee Experience Survey empowers your managers and employees to pinpoint and fix problems through detailed action plans. Imagine what you could achieve with a more engaged, productive team and organization.

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