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Most companies don’t know how to assemble high-performing teams.  They don’t know how to manage employees in a way that pushes everyone to the top of their game. They create a business strategy. They monitor their business results. But they don’t do the key “people work” in between—and they fail to reach their goals.  This is where talent optimization can help.  

Talent optimization is a four-part discipline that aligns your business strategy with your people strategy for optimal business results.  At its core is the collection, analysis, and application of people data. Talent optimization utilizes quantitative data and analytics so you can comprehend job requirements, identify the best candidates, understand the team dynamics needed to accomplish business goals, and manage employees in a way that pushes everyone to the top of their game.

Here are the four aptitudes of Talent Optimization:

  1. Diagnose: Measure critical people data, analyze that data in the context of your business, and prescribe remedies as needed.

  2. Design: Create and continuously evolve your people strategy.

  3. Hire: Use talent optimization insights based on people data to hire top talent and build cohesive teams.

  4. Inspire: Use data to drive important employee-oriented activities such as career pathing, maintaining organizational culture, and managing people and teams.


The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™  is designed to be the most effective, simple, and easy to use science-based assessment. It provides an accurate depiction, or pattern, of an individual's core drives, and insight into their needs and behaviors.​

The assessment has been used by thousands of businesses around the globe for over 60 years to tie their people strategy to their business strategy.  The Behavioral Assessment is used to assist in hiring, coaching, motivating, and developing employees.

How does the assessment work?
Individuals are presented two lists of descriptive adjectives. The first asks respondents to select ones they feel describe the way they are expected to act by others. The second asks them to select ones they feel really describe them. Each term is associated with one of the five drives below.

What does the assessment measure?

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DOMINANCE: The degree to which an individual seeks to control their environment.

EXTRAVERSION: The degree to which an individual seeks social interaction with other people.

PATIENCE: The degree to which an individual seeks consistency and stability in their environment.

FORMALITY: The degree to which an individual seeks to conform to formal rules and structure.

OBJECTIVITY: The degree to which an individual prefers objectivity when processing information.


The PI Job Assessment™ provides a target and benchmark for your internal positions. It defines the ideal behavioral and cognitive recommendations for specific roles, while considering company culture and team dynamics.​

The PI Job Assessment™ brings structure to your interviews, it provides you how a candidate’s behavioral drives and needs align to the target you have set. Use the recommended questions to probe for gaps and to confirm fit.

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The PI Cognitive Assessment™ measures an individual’s general cognitive ability in 12 minutes (extended time is available when necessary) and serves as a critical assessment tool in recruitment and talent management processes.

A candidate’s assessment score is an indication of their ability to absorb and process complex information, and their capacity to deal with the cognitive demands of a given position. It determines an individual’s ability to catch on quickly, figure things out on their own, and to meet or exceed performance expectations.

How does the assessment work?
The Cognitive Assessment consists of 50 multiple-choice questions from three cognitive ability categories (Verbal, Numerical, and Abstract Reasoning) and nine subcategories. Results from the three categories represents the cognitive score, which is a measure of general cognitive ability.

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